Debit Card

A debit card is an electronic chip-based card for direct access of your account for financial transaction up to the amount available in account. Fancysaccos is offering “DEBIT CARD” to its members with a strong commitment of delivering quality service. Members can withdraw cash from more than 1200 ATMs in SCT, UPI, NEFS  network to fulfill your daily cash requirement

Features of Debit Card
  1. Easy cash withdrawal from more than 1200 no of SCT_UPI,  NEPS network ATMs around the Nepal and India.
  2. Safe and convenient mode of carrying cash.
  3. Card valid for 4 yrs.

Transaction limits
1 Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction  NPR 16,000
2 Maximum withdrawal day limit  NPR 50,000

Card Holder Eligibility

Members who maintains saving account in Fancysaccos can entertain DEBIT CARD after submitting Debit Card Application Form Office.
PIN Change

Please change your PIN from ATM terminals of SCT direct member banks,
  • Deva Bikash Bank
  • Gandaki Bikas Bank
  • Gurkhas Finance
  • ICFC Finance
  • Jebil’s Finance
  • Kailash Bikash Bank
  • Kanchan Development Bank
  • Karnali Development Bank
  • Lumbini Bikas Bank
  • Manjushree Financial Institution
  • Nepal Bank Limited
  • Nepal Community Development Bank
  • OM Development Bank
  • Pokhara Finance
  • Purnima Bikas Bank
  • Reliance Finance Limited
  • Shangrila Development Bank
  • Srijana Finance
  • IME co operative ltd.
  • VYCCU Saving and co-operative

ATM (Debit Card )
  • We are connected with SCT_UPI, NEPS
  • Easily withdraw money from all over Nepal and india.
  • Card can be used for POS Machine from all over Nepal and india.